Author: VoKnows412

Kate Hansen Cries Wolf

SOCHI, Russia- U.S. Luger, Kate Hansen has spotted a “wolf” in the halls of her Sochi Dorm room.  The Olympic athlete released a 17 second video on YouTube, showing the “wolf” wondering through the halls of the dorm.Image 

Here is the official video:

Hansen tweeted the link to the video on her Twitter account.  The YouTube video has had over 1 million views, and more than 1,100 people have commented on the video stating whether they believe it is real wolf or just a stray dog.  Russia has been struggling with stray dogs in the area around the Olympic Games.  However, Hansen did not believe it was a stray dog and asked her 20,000 Twitter followers what they thought about the so called wolf.  In addition to reaching Hansen’s Twitter followers, the video has been shown all over media-outlets.  Some people think it is real, while others believe it was just a hoax.

Recently, reports have shown that the video was in fact a real wolf.  However, the wolf was not a Russian wolf.  In fact, the wolf was an American wolf.  You may ask, well what was an American wolf doing in Sochi, Russia?  The answer to that question is simple.   The wolf was not in Sochi.  In fact, the wolf was filmed in America walking on a set that resembled the dorms in Sochi. 

Now the question is who would do such a thing?  Was it Kate Hansen?  To an extent, the prank was partially executed by Kate Hansen.  Hansen was working with comedian, Jimmy Kimmel throughout the whole process.  Jimmy Kimmel has been known to be the mastermind behind many viral video pranks.  Jimmy Kimmel revealed the prank on his show and proved how American news can go viral in a matter of minutes, even if the news is not actually true.

Here is the link to the “Wolf” Prank being revealed: