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I am a senior at Slippery Rock University where I will be graduating in spring of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I work at Giant Eagle Pharmacy and I want to one day earn a PhD and become a Pharmaceutical Drug Rep.

50 Billion Dollars Later in Sochi…..

Its been just over a day since the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics and little over a week since journalists and reporters began arriving at their hotels in Sochi, Russia for this year’s games.

Around this time last week @StacyStClair a Chicago Tribune reporter checked into her hotel room, which had no water and was met with an unusual request from the front desk had the water been restored, “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”

Her story was one of many that began flooding the social media sites like Twitter using the #SochiProblems, where guests recall their disastrous hotel experience and what they saw around the city.












Whether it was yellow water, missing door knobs, uncovered manholes, or all the stray dogs this negative press had me wondering where the approximate 50 billion dollars used to get Sochi ready to host the Olympics went?

I, like many others, watched the opening ceremony this past Friday night and while minor mishaps occurred, for instance the 5th ring in the iconic symbol not operating correctly, the overall opening was impressive to say the least. Although many of the stories and performances from a look back into Russian History were hard for me to follow along, the special effects and props were unlike any seen before. The technology used to make the projections of each country during the parade, which was a live satellite feed, was amazing and exceptionally advanced.

Even the Bolshoy Ice Dome built exclusively for this event was astonishing, but was all of this worth 50 billion dollars?

I think getting Sochi ready for the Olympics should have expanded beyond the arena and places where the games where being played. With a budget in the billions do you think the money was spent practically or do you think that much money should have been able to provide clean water for the people visiting the area?