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Pinpointing The Negative

In every day life we seem to remember the negative things more than the positive. In the news, society, social media, events, even within our personal memories. Why would the Olympics be any different? Nowadays we have social networks where things spread a lot easier than they used to. This gives viewers the ability to share their opinion with the world a lot quicker, whether it be positive or negative. By viewers sharing their opinions has more power than most bloggers know it. The more negative post we see the less we are likely to pursue interest in the subject but the more negative and funny the more we are likely to join in the fun.

During the Olympics this year there were multiple accounts made for problems, issues, and mistakes. They would take journalist, athletes, and viewers tweets and/or pictures and advertise them in a negative light or joking manner. Although some are meant to be funny they could be taken offensive to the Russian culture. During my research I found more negative or inappropriate joking tweets and blogging from viewers than positive. It just simply common that we just reflect more on the negative as human beings. We tend to find other’s mistakes hilarious which causes “us” to turn them into jokes. Besides the negative living conditions that were pointed out in Sochi there were also memes made, photoshopped pictures, snap shots of mistakes, technical difficulties, brands taking part in the mistakes, parodies, and more.

All the photos below have been created by viewers and made to be taken as jokes but what these viewers/bloggers may not realize is that it is giving a negative light.

Some examples are found from the hashtags #sochi #sochifail #sochiproblems #russiaproblems #olympicsparody

Memes & Photoshop

photo 11 photo 12 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10photo 14

Snap shots of Mistakes & Technical Difficulties 

photo 3 photo 2 photo 4

Brands Taking Part In The Rings Mistake


photo 13 photo 153026416-inline-audi-olympics1

Parody Results on YouTube


Regular Pictures With Negative Viewpoints

photo 6 photo 714 photo 5 photo 16photo 1