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I am a senior at Slippery Rock University studying marketing and public relations with an emphasis in nonprofit management.

#howmatters, Chobani Dilemma Shows How Social Media Marketing Matters

Although no one knows the exact cost, one can only imagine the hefty price tag associated with being listed as one of the United States’ 23 domestic sponsors for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. For these 23 companies, the lofty price tag is perceived to be well worth the marketing potential that accompanies the prestigious Olympic Games.

However, what if your brand discovered that your products, the focus of your campaign, were not permitted into Russia? And how would this impact your expected ROI? This marketer’s nightmare has proved to be reality for Chobani and its “Naturally Powering Team USA” campaign.

Naturally Powering Team USA

Chobani’s Olympic campaign features several of Team USA’s finest and their Chobani yogurt favorites. The campaign, which features the tagline “It’s one thing to sponsor them, it’s another to be in their fridge,” has utilized celebrity endorsement of favorite flavors and recipes to promote the natural greek yogurt.  However, after the shipment of 5,000 single-serve yogurts was banned from passing through Russian customs and left to be stored in Newark, NJ, the greek yogurt company has had to quickly restructure the focus of their campaign to maximize both awareness and profit.

Although this snag has prevented the product from powering the athletes through their competitions, Chobani has effectively utilized their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to highlight the products’ integral role in the athletes’ training, emphasizing the hashtag #howmatters.


The brand has capitalized on this hindrance, turning problem into opportunity, demonstrating the strength of their social media presence. With over 891,000 Facebook likes, 74,700 followers on Twitter, and 4,312 YouTube subscribers, Chobani has exhibited the power of social media as an effective supplement to traditional and digital marketing efforts.