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Olympians (and some brands) jump on #SochiSelfie trend

We all were either shocked or unphased by the naming of “Selfie” as 2013’s word of the year, but the trend didn’t stop there.  Olympians of all kinds are taking the time to put their front facing cell phone camera to use and in doing so sharing the experience of the Sochi Olympics with their thousands of followers back home and throughout the world.

Steven Holcomb USA Bobsled

Steven Holcomb, USA Bobsleder, used the #SochiSelfie hashtag on Twitter and shared a photo he posted to Facebook with the Olympic rings behind him.

Aimee Fuller GB Snowboarding

Aimee Fuller, Team GB Snowboarder takes a selfie in front of a Russian statue and NBC Olympics posted it to Twitter.

preston griffail putin selfie

Preston Griffall, a part of the USA Luge team snaps a selfie with a distant Vladmir Putin in the background and posts to Twitter.  Snapping selfies with Putin also became a small trend on social media throughout the Games.

Oreo selfie

Even milk’s favorite cookie, Oreo, joined in on the #SochiSelfie trend posting this close-up to Twitter.

Any event, even the Olympics, becomes a social sharing event thanks to today’s social media networks, phones and other technology.  Through the use of their social media accounts, Olympians seem more like us: sharing moments that they want to remember with their followers.

Despite the early questions of media and social media use at the start of the Games, many of the Olympians have jumped on board.  The IOC’s Social Media Guidelines outline that they must post in first-person in a diary-type format.  They must not “assume the role of a journalist, reporter or any other media capacity, or disclose any information which is confidential or private in relation to any other person or organization.” Photo guidelines state that they are not “permitted to commercialize, sell or otherwise distribute these photographs.”  Although there are guidelines to what can be posted, Olympians seem to be making the most of it sharing photos of meeting others and representing their country.

Unfortunately, it seems the selfie trend isn’t going away any time soon. Here are some more #SochiSelfies.