Author: lbenty

Junior PR Major at Slippery Rock University. Future Disney Imagineer.

Sochi Problems

One of the biggest examples of social media in the olympics that I’ve come across is the account “Sochi Problems” on twitter. I had more retweets of this twitter account into my timeline during the Olympics than any other Olympic news. This account was created once the journalists and reporters were all starting to arrive in Sochi and realized how horrible the conditions were. The pictures ranged from stray dogs in hotel rooms to brown water coming out of sink faucets. The worst picture I saw was a “poop bucket” because they weren’t allowed to use the toilets so they had to find an alternative. If I was one of those reporters I would have been so disgusted by the conditions that I would have left. I know it’s their job and it’s amazing to cover something like the Olympics, but I don’t think I would have been able to handle staying there. This twitter account showed the world just how poor the conditions were in Russia and by doing so gave everyone back home even more reasons to pay attention to the Olympics because they were so entertained by the ridiculous things they would see being posted. Twitter accounts like Sochi Problems give everyone insight into things that the regular news outlets such as ABC and NBC would hardly touch on. It showed what it was really like to be a guest/ athlete/ coach/ reporter at the Olympics and how they were really living over there for the few weeks. It also brought in more tweets and attention to the Olympics in the younger generation because everyone seemed to be amused or have some sort of insight into the conditions in Sochi. It talked about how dogs were being killed and that stirred up quite the controversy. It made Russia look even more “evil” to the public eye. Even though this twitter account was made to make fun of everything in Sochi, it really shed a different light on the Olympics and was very interesting/ entertaining to follow. Do you think the account was offensive to the Olympics?