Author: Katie Thoma

Slippery Rock University Student. Junior Public Relations Major. Member of PRSSA. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Puffs in Tears of Joy After Their Sponsorship Duo Meryl & Charlie Win Gold

Ice dancers, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, were the talk of the Olympics.  The duo were one of the most popular athletes at the Olympics this year.

Puffs announced their sponsorship with Davis and White in the fall of 2013, and after their successful journey to the 2014 Sochi Olympics; they are most definitely a proud sponsor of the games and the medalists.

Throughout the games Puffs, Davis and White utilized social media platform, Twitter, as a way to promote the brand.  Puffs official twitter page was nonstop with tweets that cheered on Davis and White.  They tied in the emotional side of the Olympics by sending out tweets that expressed the emotional rollercoaster that the athletes and fans go through while watching.  Puffs created a hashtag, #PassThePuffs, that linked with those tweets in hopes to get it trending.

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Davis used Twitter and Instagram several times to show her support of the brand.  Product placement in social media showed them using Puffs products during their journey.

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Davis and White also incorporated their mothers into posts by tweeting and instagraming about how they had to get their own Puffs for their butterflies and tears.  Incorporating the Olympians mothers targeted Puffs large target audience, stay at home moms.


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Although Puffs have a small following on social media, the numbers went up remarkably from the amount of TV and social media time they received from the Olympics.

Puffs still continue to tweet about Davis and White success at the Olympics since their names are a household name now.  Even if fans are just following Davis and White, their retweets of the brand are still getting the name and product out to the public.  Puffs success with social media marketing alongside their sponsorship with Davis and White definitely has the brand in tears of joy, happiness and accomplishment.

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