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Pussy Riot Causes Controversy During Sochi Olympics


There was a lot controversy surrounding the Sochi Olympics. The punk rock band, Pussy Riot, started a protest against the Olympics and President Vladimir Putin. The band dressed up in bright colored ski masks and made a video protesting while singing in the streets in Sochi. The video criticized Putin for holding the Olympics, saying that it was a “public relations stunt” used to cover up the countries human rights violations. They were then violently beaten by the Russian Police for the exploit. This was the bands third attempt at shooting the video. The first two times they failed and were detained.

Pussy Riot first made headlines after they shot a video protesting Putin at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Following this escapade, they were sentenced to two years in a penal colony for hooliganism.

Some people are calling the group attention-seekers and not referring to them as protesters. They received a lot of attention on twitter lately, and they have compiled many views on a video on YouTube of them being violently beaten by the Police. This social media attention enlightened the world to the band. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of them. Even though they were in the spotlight for this incident, I’m sure people looked up some of their music to listen to. On a positive note, the group might have gained more fans do to this attention. A lot of people were defending them.


I think the group set themselves up for a greater consequence. They were detained the first two times trying to shoot the video, wouldn’t you think there would be more consequence the third time? I do believe that the beating was pretty harsh and could have resulted in a different way. They were beaten with whips and sprayed in the face with pepper spray until they complied. Why were the rebels not just arrested?