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Doug Strahler is currently a full-time temporary instructor in the Department of Communication at Slippery Rock University. Since joining the department in 2010, he has taught the Social Media, Interactive Multimedia II, Issues in Communication Technology, Advanced Web Management and Public Speaking courses. Doug is also pursuing an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Leadership at Duquesne University.

How to Watch and Follow the Sochi Winter Olympics Online [Mashable]

A recent Mashable article published how the will be streaming all of it’s Olympic coverage online. In addition, it provided some other outlets for you to stay connected with the Olympics!

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Welcome to “The Social Games from #SRUSM”

I want to welcome you to The Social Games from #SRUSM! This blog is made up of student contributors from my Social Media course at Slippery Rock University (SRU). The hashtag (#srusm) is used in my course to share and discuss topics surrounding social media. Throughout the Olympics, they will be analyzing and posting commentary surrounding the use of social media during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

In combination with mainstream media, social media has become a powerful communication tool in society. The role of my Social Media course at SRU is to introduce students to how to leverage social media tools in the communication industry (i.e., marketing, PR, etc.). This blog will make the connection between the concepts taught in my course and the use of social media during the Olympics.

What Can You Expect to Read Here?
According to an article in Fast Company, the 2012 London Summer Olympics was amplified by the use of social media through the sharing of conversation and media. How will Sochi fair with social media? We have already seen the impact social media is having as the Olympics approach with reports of potential social media bans for journalists by the IOC and countries placing partial social media bans on their athletes to avoid distraction, as well as hate tweets forcing U.S. Olympian Ashley Wagner to quit Twitter.

My students will be analyzing and posting their commentary on the role of social media during the Olympics. I expect a wide-variety of topics to be discussed on this blog, including social media use by athletes/participants to how brands integrate social media and the Olympics into their marketing efforts. They will also be responsible for reading the IOC Social Media Blogging and Internet Guidelines to be well informed on Olympic policies.

As you follow the commentary on this blog, I hope you find it informative and encourage you to join in on the conversation by posting comments!