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I am a senior Public Relations major at Slippery Rock University and will be graduating in May 2014. I am currently enrolled in Professor Strahler's Social Media class!

Broken Door Creates Internet Star


If you have followed the Olympics you have noticed that the athletes had some troubles while living in Sochi. One of the most well-known of these difficulties was USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn getting locked into the bathroom in his hotel room. His first tweet stated that he was taking a shower and that the bathroom door got locked or jammed. Not a big deal right? Call for help and you would be out of there in no time. But no, Quinn took it to the next level and posted this picture shortly after.


This tweet quickly spread throughout the twitter network with over 29,000 retweets. It also got him an invitation to join a police SWAT team in Texas as well as a meme where people tweeted photos of themselves breaking through various objects. On the day before his tweet went viral, he had 14,751 followers on Twitter and only…

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