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#ItsOurTime: Supporting Team USA a World Away

Large mobile phone company AT&T created an app to allow American’s to cheer on the American athletes participating in the Olympic Games.

AT&T, sponsor of athletes competing, created the app to help rally more support from the nation for the Team USA athletes. They wanted to give back and inspire them as their “dedication inspires us as a nation”.

The #ItsOurTime app is available for download on the iTunes store as well as Google Play. Once downloaded the app is capable of signing in using your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also join using an email. Users are able to create videos while chanting the phrase “U-S-A”. Once your video is submitted, it will be approved by AT&T (see promotional rules here) and sent to the #ItsOurTime website to be featured on the Wall of Support. The app also allows users to read about AT&T sponsored athletes.

Don’t have a smart phone? No worries. You can also record your chant video at the #ItsOurTime website which will be added to the Wall of Support. The website is available here.

AT&T is set to feature the Wall of Support videos at Times Square on Feb. 15.

So what does everyone have to say about this campaign? Just check twitter. There are tweets coming in constantly featuring the hashtag #ItsOurTime in support of Team USA.

I think that AT&T launching this app is a great way to help bring the nation together like only the Olympics can do. Giving every day ordinary Americans that chance to cheer on their country and the athletes competing for us  is letting them have a personal connection to the games that some would normally not have.