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I am a senior Sport Management attending Slippery Rock University. Current member of the SRU Women's Softball team.

Ralph Lauren Clothes #TeamUSA

Ralph Lauren was Team USA’s official outfitter for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. From the opening to closing ceremonies Ralph Lauren highly utilized the use of Twitter to market their Olympic gear. The brand used Twitter in various ways to promote their product. The evening of the opening ceremony Ralph Lauren tweeted and retweeted brands and athletes that posted pictures of Team USA wearing their gear. As the Olympics progressed the clothing company would tweet at athletes wishing them good luck and post a picture that features the athlete in their brand.

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Ralph Lauren also utilized Twitter to promote their brand by making their followers aware of upcoming USA Olympic events. They continued this process through the completion of the 2014 Games. Ralph Lauren was very successful with marketing their products on Twitter since a bunch of Olympic products sold out in their online store. Here’s an article with close ups of the opening ceremony sweaters (

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Had Ralph Lauren used an application like Hootsuite to control all of their social media accounts they could have marketed their product to millions more. When searching the brands Instagram, Vine and Facebook page, they lacked posts compared to Twitter. Linking all of the social media profiles together will allow the brand to reach maximum exposure. I personally think that they could have done a better job marketing their products through the use of social media platforms. As a consumer what is the best social media platform to reach you?

The following hastags were utilized by Ralph Lauren throughout the Olympics #TeamUSA  #Sochi2014  #OpeningCeremony  #MadeintheUSA  #Sochi