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What happens in Sochi, stays in Sochi… Not so much

In a generation of instant gratification, people can recieve news, clothes, pics, friends and even relationships in a small amount of time compared to when you had to wait for a letter to come to your mailbox or a phone call to come through the line. Many things have changed over the years and online dating is one of those. Do you think that you could take a leap of faith and leave it up to a match making computer to find true love? Some of your Olympic athletes did just that.


Tinder started in 2012. It is a location based application that has a main focus of bringing together people in your area that like you and yourself if you are interested. Even though the app is still fairly new in the market, its recent claim to fame is all from the 2014 Winter Olympians. The star of this Tinder uproar is slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson. Her tweets and interviews with news outlets around the world brought the tinder outbreak to the world’s attention.


This is the first Olympic games that Tinder has had the opportunity to become a part of since their release date was after the Summer Olympics in London in 2012. Since the Olympic Games, tinder has seen a 400% day-over-day increase since the Opening ceremony Friday February 7. They have no way of saying exactly what percentage of users are Olympians but since the games Tinder and other online dating applications have seen great spikes. Tinder stated that they see lots of user spikes during big events such as music festivals and other events such as that. They expect to see the same user increase during the 2014 World Cup to be hosted in Brazil this coming summer. Will it catch as much attention as Tinder has over this past Olympics? I guess we shall wait and see if what happens in Brazil, stays in Brazil!