Author: bgc1002

What’s The Buzz: Sochi’s Social Media Medalists

Sochi SM

With the 22nd Olympic Winter Games in the rearview mirror, social media has established the basis for many of us to still stay connected to the athlete’s we came to know and love. In fact, social media played such a significant role in Sochi that popular media source Media Miser has gifted us with a breakdown of which athletes took home the gold in the eyes of their followers.

MediaMiser collected and tracked over 4 million Olympic related tweets worldwide over the course of the games. The goal of the study was to determine which athletes were most popular amongst Twitter users as well as which events received the most hype. 

                To no one’s surprise, MediaMiser’s study showed that the most mentioned event of the Sochi games was Ice Hockey.  Roughly 45% of all event related tweets mentioned the fan favorite sport. In a not so close second place, Curling took home the silver receiving 12% of all event mentions.  Other events such as figure skating, freestyle skiing, bobsledding and ski jumping all received the least amount of social media limelight. 

                Now the real question is…who were the most mentioned athletes in Sochi?  From a social media standpoint, the winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze were all United States superstars.  American hockey star TJ Oshie received rough 21% of all mentions followed by Charlie White and Meryl Davis. Canada’s poster child and hockey team captain Sidney Crosby fell a few percent’s short of medaling in the Social Media Mention race receiving 12% of all athlete mentions.

                All in all MediaMiser’s study proved to be quite beneficial in determining what exactly encourages interactivity among a large majority of Twitter users.