The Blog
This blog will serve as a forum for analysis and commentary by the students in the Social Media course at Slippery Rock University on the role of social media during the Olympics.  I expect a wide-variety of topics to be discussed on this blog, including social media use by athletes/participants to how brands integrate social media and the Olympics into their marketing efforts. They will also be responsible for reading the IOC Social Media Blogging and Internet Guidelines to be well informed on Olympic policies.

The Course
The Slippery Rock University Department of Communication offers COMM 307 Social Media, which examines the impact of social media networking in society and how to think strategically about social media platforms. Specifically, this course provides students with an understanding of a professional approach to using social media tools in their field. We examine both the technological and theoretical perspectives of social media through the hands-on application of the technologies and through reading scholarly writings. Students are required to complete significant writing assignments, data collection, and formal presentations. 

The Instructor
Doug Strahler is currently a full-time temporary instructor in the Department of Communication at Slippery Rock University. Combining his enthusiasm for digital media and communication technologies, Doug teaches students how to research, develop and implement strategies for delivering their message in his web design, digital media and social media courses. He continually engages in consulting opportunities in these areas outside of school to stay connected to the field. Doug is also pursuing an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Leadership at Duquesne University, where he is hoping to pursue a full-time career in higher education and research ways to improve education through technology.

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