Instagram Loves Jamie Anderson:


Jamie Anderson, snowboarder representing the Unites States in the Sochi 2014 Olympics, has given Instragram a fun look at the gold medal! 

Anderson soared from an average of 4,000 likes on a picture to 22,485 as her highest amount of likes. Why? She won of course! The photo she uploaded of her standing on the podium, holding flowers, and wearing her gold medal caused a rise in her social media image. Followers liked everything about her, comments varied about her looks to a congratulations from all over the world. Has her contribution to Instagram made her image fun and relatable? Anyone who says, “Time to celebrate” under a post can be recognized as fun. 



Anderson is owning her new brand of being an Olympic Gold Medalist! Social Media has showed her personality and fans are gravitating towards her. To Anderson, pictures are used for revealing how happy and thankful she is to have represented the United States. Instagram has opened an even easier path for athletes to reach fans all over the world and show them their experience. 

People follow prominent people to feel like they know them, seeing their personal journey through photos has given Instagram a winning edge to their social media platform. @JAMIEANDERSONSNOW has excelled in showing her journey at  the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. 



  1. This is one of the first posts that bigs deeper into an athletes use of Instagram. Jamie seemed to be very active on SM throughout the Olympics and allows the athletes to share their experiences with their fans. What added value does this provide to athletes and their followers?

    1. I think the value stems from being able to create a larger fan base as well as establishing a certain brand. She can be noticed for her personality and her athletic accomplishments. Also, sponsors might want to use her more because, social media is evolved into one of the most valuable tools. Followers can feel a personal connection from the day to day posts.

  2. I personally love following athletes and celebrities on social media. In this case you can watch as she excels on the sloped and get to see more of her personality via Instagram. It’s a nice way to almost “go behind the scenes” with them. Seeing that she was feeling thankful to win gold then go celebrate afterwards makes her seem more realistic to me. Social media is a great way for celebrities to do their own public relations…opening up to fans and letting them see some of their personal life. Great post.

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