Canadian Snowboarder, Mark McMorris named Most Popular Social Media Athlete

As the 2014 Sochi Olympics came to an end, the medal rankings reveal that Canada had a little edge over the U.S. with ten gold medals to our nine. A tough loss to Canada’s hockey team was a hot topic in the closing days of the 2014 Olympics. Not only was the sweet defeat buzzing through social media for Canada but so was another Canadian athlete.

Canadian snowboarder, Mark McMorris has been a very popular Olympic athlete throughout the social media world. According to Twitter, McMorris was ranked fifth for most mentioned athlete on the site. Japanese figure skater Mao Asada was fourth, South Korean skater Yuna Kim was third, U.S. hockey player T.J. Oshie second, and of course U.S. snowboard legend Shaun White was first. However according to Facebook Mark McMorris was at the top for social media engagements. He had the most fan interactions at 60 percent, and second was Instagram at 32%. 

On Twitter Mark was very engaged with his fans, keeping them posted as the Olympics went on. One picture in particular showing ‘The Moment Before the Moment’ Image

Mark made sure to thank his fans for all the support. Tweeting: ‘Wow this is Crazy!’ Can’t thank my fans enough’. Along with that he added a link to where they wrote the blog about the Olympic bronze medalist. 

Below shows the rankings for the Top 10 Athletes in social media according to

The use of social media throughout the 2014 Olympics was extremely prominent, especially this day in age when social networking is expanding every second of every day. I think what draws fans to these athletes is when they are able to connect with them on a certain level. When these busy Olympians take the time to acknowledge their fans through these social platforms, it makes it seem more personal. We are then able to be Connectors and feel like they are actually listening to what we have to say. Mark McMorris utilized Twitter to acknowledge his fans and to thank them, which played a role in his prominence throughout the social media world. His humbleness shows that it wasn’t necessarily his goal to be ‘most popular’ social media athlete but in the 21st century this is what we look at. 

I end this blog with a question to you, “How do you think athletes develop such prominence throughout social media? Is it because of the way they interact with fans? Or is it possibly a negative light that develops their attention on social media?  




    1. I think because Mark McMorris had such a dominance over every other athlete in regard to Instagram. He has nine of the ten most popular Olympian photos on the site. His fanbase has skyrocketed.

      Also another key role is the popular use of Instagram over Facebook today. Facebook’s popularity is declining while Instagram continues to grow. As far as Twitter, I think that the fans just enjoy seeing pictures of the athletes during the Olympics.

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